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The Music Radar UK’s Tracks of the Week

We are staggeringly almost halfway through 2017 already and the standard of music we have had in the past five months is something we could have only dreamed of. As festival season approaches, the world’s biggest and best artists will be travelling around the world to perform to thousands of people. In light of recent events, we feel that it’s necessary to point out that no matter what happens, we will fight through it. For the people who died having seen their idol Ariana Grande perform in Manchester and for the people who died whilst just wanting to have a great night out in London, we need to continue living our lives to the fullest. The barbaric beliefs of Islamic extremism will never prevail over the love and unity of our society. Instead of destroying us, we are stronger than ever and we will continue going to see our favourite artists, some of which are on this list here. Here are our Tracks of the Week with in depth reviews. We hope you enjoy and in the meantime, stay safe and keep living your lives to the fullest.

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