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The Music Radar UK’s Tracks of the Week

Writing throughout the year can sometimes be a daunting experience, but as each month progresses, we get to experience different moments with different people. Last week, we got chatting to parents of children who were just starting school, many reminiscing on their memories from past school days. It brought us into the topic of youth which quickly moved us into the topic of university and adulthood. As I write this, many friends left home this weekend to start their new lives at universities across the world. It’s an emotional time for everyone but something that enables us to stay calm and reminisce with fondness on the past is music. Artists, songs, records and playlists all have a place in our hearts and this week, we have a host of new music that could provide a soundtrack for those meeting new friends this weekend. We hope you enjoy this week’s selection of Tracks of the Week just as much as we did.

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