The Music Radar UK’s Tracks of the Week

Time is always a strange concept to try and get a grip around. What seems to be a long period of time somehow flies over out heads and suddenly you find yourselves at the first week in August, with a brilliant seven months of music and reviews behind you. As we move slowly towards the end of the summer, we’ve got another list of great tracks for you this week that hopefully you will enjoy as much as we have. Here are our Tracks of the Week with in depth reviews.

Track of the Week: Camila Cabello Feat. Young Thug – “Havana”

Released as a double feature alongside OMG, former Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello continues her astonishing start to her solo career. Featuring Atlanta rapper Young Thug, Havana is a sexy, downbeat track that radiates a strong Latin flair in its choice of horns and percussion. About falling in love with a boy from Havana, the song acts as Cabello’s ode to her hometown in Cuba. The swaggering single is boosted with its seductive down-and-dirty beat in which Young Thug’s stylistic verse flows perfectly upon. A move towards hip-hop from Cabello, Havana is a true sign of a pop star in the making.

Camila Caballo


Everything Everything – “Desire”

This week sees alternative band Everything Everything return with the third single from their soon to be released fourth album A Fever Dream. Purposeful and driven right from the off, Desire takes scuzzy guitars and an addictive synth line. Musically restricted verses allow Jonathan Higgs’ vocals to soar before the addictive chorus yells of “Desire / Desire” lift the track in an almost spiritual form. About wanting something so much that the consequence don’t matter, Higgs’ falsetto is commanding whilst the expansive bridge of the song is packed with a sensational guitar solo and rise and fall vocals. Yet another brilliantly crazy and addictive track, Everything Everything are on a roll this year.

Everything Everything


AJ Tracey – “Blacked Out”

Over the past year, Grime rapper AJ Tracey has seen his popularity soar, partially due to the extensive rise in the genre but also due to the sheer talent of the young artist. A driven track, characterised by Tracey’s stunning flow, Blacked Out is a hard hitting single in which lyrics “Tracksuit grey, black, blue / I was just a hope-filled kid like you” underline Tracey’s background going up. Dark synths waver along the single, which shows that there are real signs that AJ Tracey could be Grime’s next breakout star after Skepta and Stormzy.

AJ Tracey


Son Little – “Demon in the Dark”

Philadelphia born singer-songwriter Son Little is slowly rising in popularity in the US with his alternative take on nu-soul. Latest track Demon in the Dark is an edgy, left of centre gospel track with uncomfortable, symphonic synths alongside shuffling jazz drums. Starting with Vampire Weekend styled keys, Demon in the Dark is an honest track of extreme highs in lows. Lyrics “I think my train is off the railing / Is there some way to get it clear?” see Little begging for forgiveness and redemption whilst a comforting xylophone lullaby mixes against rich synths. There’s a real otherworldly vibe from Son Little in this new track and it’s a wonderfully experimental piece that highlights the singer-songwriters breadth as an artist.

Son Little


Fangclub – “Common Ground”

Ahead of the releases of their highly anticipated self-titled debut record later this year, Dublin rock band Fangclub have released another track from the record this week in Common Ground. A purposeful, riff heavy single, the pop-punk and rock crossover is direct and ferocious in delivery, with a groove that’s built for mosh pits. Soaring vocals and crashing drums give Common Ground a serious Foo Fighters-esque sound and as a complete piece, it’s brilliantly angsty and mature.



Jordan Rakei – “Nerve”

One of the stars of the future, New Zealand born, Australian raised artist Jordan Rakei returns this week with a gorgeous new track Nerve. His golden tinged, James Blake R&B styled vocals are just one of the many striking moments on the latest track from the singer-songwriter. Now located in the UK and previously from Brisbane, the multi-instrumentalist is not afraid to incorporate a mixture of genres into his music, mixing shuffling drums, enlightening organ chords and strings and wobbling synths, which dominate the breakdown. Part refined soul and part riff based funk, Nerve is a huge leap into the right direction for Rakei.

Jordan Rakei


Mallory Knox – “Sugar”

Cambridge rock five piece Mallory Knox return this week with a motivational new single which takes driving hooks and a huge singalong chorus to blow away any doubts that the band were going to struggle getting back into their sound. Sugar is about feeling completely isolated and alone in a world where it feels that everyone has someone to lean on except you. The vocal delivery is both strong and ranging whilst there is also a fierce instrumental that comes out from the chorus. An absolute rock anthem Mallory Knox are back and ready to soundtrack your summer.



Jake Bugg – “How Soon The Dawn”

Ahead of the release of his fourth album Hearts That Strain, Jake Bugg returns for the first time since 2016’s failed adventure into hip hop. Comeback single How Soon The Dawn is perhaps the collation of experiences he had whilst in Nashville. A relaxed, acoustic based single, Bugg’s signature vocals croon beautifully as the song progresses, carrying you into an uplifting and calmer state. With backing vocals sounding as if they are narrating a summer yoga retreat, How Soon The Dawn is an intriguing comeback single from the former teenage star which highlights the maturity he’s developed over the past few years.



Coasts – “Come on Over”

Bristol indie band Coasts launched themselves to critical success with a variety of EP’s in 2014 and this week sees them return with the first track from their second record. Come on Over is a brilliant indie pop single most notable for its addictive groove. A synth-pop build up similar to The 1975 launches into a staggering electro-pop chorus whilst a variety of electronic elements match with keys, drums, guitar and vocals to create a brilliant indie pop piece. A pleasant and uplifting piece, Coasts are back and making fun, feel-good tunes.



Kele Okereke and Olly Alexander – “Grounds for Resentment”

A groundbreaking moment, this week sees two icons for the LGBT community teaming up for a smooth and peaceful romantic duet which uses driving piano chords and bouncing keys to create a happy Lily Allen styled melody. The uplifting track opens with the Bloc Party frontman before Years & Years’ outspoken singer comes in halfway through. As a gorgeous saxophone line fades the song out, Grounds for Resentment starts a precedent at last for two gay musicians to sing a love song to each other.



Other Noticeable Tracks

Grace Mitchell – “Capital Letters”: Confrontational and heavy electro-pop single from teenage sensation Grace Mitchell, whose snarling attitude blends with a Foster The People styled synth beat. A brilliant track that opens up a genre untouched by most female solo artists.

Marshmello – “Love U”: Stunning dance anthem from the ever surprising superstar DJ. Released as a free single, the track is a thank you message to all fans and, with its huge electronic synths and distorted effects, conjures up an ecstasy-filled club banger.

Girl Ray – “Just Like That”: Jangling guitars and woozy, high pitched vocals fill this slacker anthem from North London trio Girl Ray, who are a cross between Spanish band Hinds and rising stars The Big Moon. Rolling drums carry the lo fi track which is a blissfully calm reminder that women are owning indie at the moment.

Jack Johnson – “Sunsets for Somebody Else”: Stripped back acoustic track from acoustic legend Jack Johnson. Written on a surfing trip to Micronesia, the track takes Johnson’s iconically pleasant acoustic strums and matches them with a subtly sombre background whirl.

Kesha – “Hymn”: Resurgent, Imagine Dragons styled pop rock track which promotes self-empowerment with a low-tempo, deep-synth beat. Embracing her strengths and flaws, perhaps this is the track that completes Kesha’s remarkable comeback.

Enter Shikari – “Live Outside”: Heavily electronic dominated new track from the post-hardcore giants, Live Outside is another sign of a new era for the band which embraces  more mainstream focused mindset, yet managing to warp their sound to please their alternative fans.

Kungs Feat. Olly Murs and Coely – “More Mess”: Uplifting, trumpet led pop track from French DJ’s Kungs, who enlist cheeky pop star Olly Murs. Murs’ vocals are crisp and soulful and the track is a perfect feel good summer hit.

Tom Grennan – First Day of the Sun”: Uplifting, country-folk styled track from the Bedford singer which sees Grennan stripping everything completely back, opting predominantly for just acoustic guitar.

Wretch 32 Feat. Donae’o and Kojo Funds – “Whistle”: Grime rave mashup from UK rapper Wretch 32, who tackles racism and football on this big-vibe track. A booming bass line provides the much needed swagger whilst highlighting a new phase for the artist.

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