The Music Radar UK’s Tracks of the Week

Following on from last week’s mammoth list of sensational releases was always going to be a challenge but yet again, there are some big standout tracks which look set to take the world by storm. Yet again, there are some much welcomed returns from artists we have missed over the last few years but also some artists that are starting their quest for eternal dominance. Here are our track’s of the week with in depth reviews:

Track of the Week:  LCD Soundsystem – “Call The Police”

The James Murphy fronted electronic rock band return for the first time since 2010 with not one but two tracks tis week. Call The Police, the standout of the two, is a sprawling rock track that takes the best of Arcade Fire and mixes it with the raucous sound of LCD Soundsystem in their prime. The band have not sounded this fired up since All My Friends and it’s a glory to behold. Swirling guitars roar on this unpolished, political anthem that commentates on 2017 America. Lyrics “Well, there’s a full-blown rebellion but you’re easy to confuse / By triggered kids and fakers and some questionable views” underline the aggression of modern day America’s political spectrum, one that’s dividing the country into distinct groups. It’s a bold, emotionally charged track that takes loud guitar feedback and rolling drums whilst Murphy’s vocals dance wildly and unpolished. There’s no doubt just how outstanding the seven minute track is, mixing rebellion with gender stereotyping whilst bringing back a sound that’s been so missed within today’s rock scene. It’s an absolute triumph for Murphy and co.



HAIM – “Want You Back”

The Haim sisters aka Danielle, Alana and Este release their second track in two weeks following on from their long awaited return last week. Want You Back sees the sisters completely in their element, with complex production, harmonies and heartfelt lyricism coming to the fore. Lyrics “And I know that I run you down / So you ran away from your heart” combine Christine McVie’s iconic emotional longing which is mixed with calm piano and guitar. Digital synths and effects give the track a modernistic twist but it’s the sisters perfect ability to harmonise and resonate with their fans that makes the track stand out as one of the bands’ best to date.



Ten Tonnes – “Born To Lose”

Ethan Barnett aka Ten Tonnes, is one of the UK’s most promising indie-rock solo artists. Latest track Born To Lose is a bouncing, youthful pop rock track that takes heartbreak and anger towards a past lover, blaming them for the inevitable end of a relationship. With drumstick clicks and a reduced chorus build up, the track takes influence from The Maccabees, which may be down to the help of Tha Maccabees’ Felix White who has helped produce Barnett’s upcoming EP. Born To Lose is infectious throughout with a swaggering chorus that will surely gain the artist many new fans.

Ten Tonnes


Halsey – “Eyes Closed”

Eyes Closed is the second single from alternative pop star Halsey’s upcoming second album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Produced by The Weeknd, the track is everything you might expect from a track by the Canadian R&B star himself, with it’s strong bass and slow groove oozing passion and suspense. Lyrics “Now if I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you / But you’ve been replaced / I’m face to face with someone new” highlight how the singer has moved on to a different relationship but is still being haunted by feelings for her ex partner. The mood and attitude that’s conjured throughout the track makes it so enchanting, with its heavy digitalised production sweeping any notion of Halsey backing down under the carpet. Eyes Closed is Halsey back at her best and we wish for more like it in the future.



Nothing But Thieves – “Amsterdam”

Southend-on Sea indie rock five piece Nothing But Thieves return this week for the first time since 2015 with an enigmatic new single Amsterdam. The track sees the group channel their power to the tracks chorus, which thunders urgently at a glorious pace. Whilst rising ferociously with singer Connor Mason’s sprawling vocals, there are moments of refrain, which see the band delving into a more mature and developed sound. The alarming nature that rings throughout though is something the band should hone into as the final sound is something unique within the ever expanding indie rock scene.

Nothing But Thieves


The Wandering Hearts – “Wish I Could”

Wish I Could is the latest track from London’s The Wondering Hearts. The alternative country band layer traditional country guitar with their enigmatic and energetic characters. With a beautiful blend of harmonies, the track sees the band come to terms with the impossible feats of relationships and the inevitable end. The rousing chorus is uplifting, mixing elements of The Lumineers and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Altogether, it’s a well crafted track that makes the band standout as one of the most promising on the rising UK country scene.



Demob Happy – “Dead Dreamers”

Brighton trio Demob Happy returned this week for the first time since 2015, with new track Dead Dreamers, a snarling statement of intent ahead of the release of their second album. Straight from the start the track oozes the stadium rock intensity and style of Muse, so much so that it’s very hard not to mistake the track as one of Matt Bellamy’s. A stealthy bass riff swaggers intensely around the track, as crashing drums thunder to and fro. The trio manage to hold off from overdoing the grunge vibe, retaining enough groove to make a stylish track that the likes of Josh Homme and Royal Blood would be proud of. There’s no doubt that if more of the same were to follow, this band would be destined for stadium stardom.



Harry Styles – “Sweet Creature”

Former One Direction star Harry Styles started his solo career off in style four weeks ago, with track Sign of the Time smashing the globe. This week sees the second release from the wannabe rocker star’s soon to be released self titled debut album. Sweet Creature sees Styles in context like no other that he’s been in before, choosing to only have acoustic guitar and subtle gospel backing vocals throughout the whole track. It’s string plucking nature allows the track to compare itself to those by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. About the difficulties that a young couple face during their relationship, the acoustic folk track translates the belief of true love overcoming all obstacles and it’s a side to Harry Styles that nobody could have predicted. Simply a sweet and well crafted track that has surprised us immensely.

Harry Styles


Paramore – “Told You So”

Second single from Paramore’s upcoming fifth album After Laughter, Told You So is another diversion away from the pop punk band that we are so used to hearing. The track branches across into electro pop with it’s offbeat tropical rhythm matching the song’s summer vibe whilst lyrically it is another opportunity for Hayley Williams to pen some of the struggles of the last few years. Line “ I know you like when I admit that I was wrong and you were right” highlights the struggles faced when people are set out to watch you fall. It’s another track that sees the band and especially Williams, standing straight in the face of adversity and conquering it with summer anthems.



Noah Kahan – “Sink”

Singer songwriter Noah Kahan might not be someone on your radar at the moment but the Vermont musician is slowly gaining huge popularity across the globe. Latest track Sink is a warm, romantic ode to a former lover. His distinctive, country tinged vocals are reminiscent of Passenger but the beating drum that is ever present in the track carries the track along, making the sombre message of the track, one of positivity and hope. Lyrics “Oh, she’s the sunset in the west / Oh, She’s sleep when I need rest” highlight the dependence of the singer on the individual but lines “She promises to write . I know it’s harder if she tries” hint at the end of the relationship. It’s a beautifully crafted track full of sincerity and emotion and lays a platform for Kahan to rise onto.

Noah Kahan


Other Noticeable Tracks

J Hus – “Common Sense”: Old school hip hop anthem from rising East London rapper J Hus, which layers organs, piano and bass whilst detailing the singer’s meteoric rise.

Hey Charlie – “Hey”: Swaggering grunge from London all-girl trio Hey Charlie, which thunders from start to end. A Nirvana styled riff mixes with darker vocals for a brilliant new track.

Charlie Fink – “I Was Born To Be A Cowboy”: Easy listening, folk rock track from the former Noah & The Whale frontman, which highlights the importance of sticking to your dreams and beliefs and is an honest reflection of the singer’s rise as an artist.

Grizzly Bear – “Three Rings”: Atmospheric and multi dimensional track from the returning Brooklyn rock band that starts urgently before developing into an ever changing frenzy that unravels layer upon layer of complex, rhythmic instrumentation.

Alok Feat Bruno Martini and Zeeba – “Never Let Me Go”: Straightforward summer dance anthem with warm vocals, building guitar, upbeat synths and whistles and a feel good vibe that runs fresh through the three minute track.

PVRIS – “Heaven”: Dark pop rock from US band PVRIS, which takes the themes of longing and heartbreak and twists them into a dark, thumping rock track reminiscent of Paramore and Evanescence.

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