The Music Radar UK’s Tracks of the Week

Each week, we hope to be blessed with some incredible new tracks and so far each week has lived up to our hopeful expectations. However, never could we have predicted the quality of music that was released this week. In record breaking feat, we have reviews for over thirty tracks that were released just this week! We always have high hopes when it comes to the end of each month but never could we have dreamt of something this spectacular. Here are our tracks’s of the week with in depth reviews.

Track of the Week:  DJ Khaled Feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne – “I’m The One”

The second track to be released from the legendary rapper’s upcoming album Grateful, sees DJ Khaled enlist a host of world leading artists, the most important of which, Justin Bieber. Bieber’s voice glides across the track like butter whilst letting everyone know he is the most important figure alive. With brilliantly crafted verses from Migos’ Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne. The smooth, summer vibe that runs throughout the song makes it perfectly infectious and there is a strong chance that with the callable of stars and quality of lyrics, this could be one of the biggest songs of the year.

DJ Khaled Justin Bieber.jpg


Himalayas – “Thank God I’m Not You”

Wales has been a place to look for in recent years in terms of up and coming rock bands. After Pretty Vicious emerged and took the country by storm, Cardiff four piece Himalayas look set to do the same this year. Track Thank God I’m Not You takes an old school rock and roll riff and matches it with Alex Turner-esque vocals that swagger across the track. The scuzziness of guitar is matched with the quality of the solo towards the end and overall the track is a joyous riot of noise and attitude that bounces from beginning to end. Make no mistake, this is a band that you need to keep an eye on.



Kygo Feat. Ellie Goulding – “First Time”

Following recent collaboration with Ariana Grande, Tropical House DJ Kygo teams up with another global star in Ellie Goulding. First Time is a nostalgic, romantic track reminiscing on young love and life as teenagers. Lines “The middle finger was our peace sign / We were sipping on emotions” shows the reckless, carefree attitude of the artists whilst the chorus, with it’s strong piano rhythm, adds nostalgia but lifts you until the drop sends you into overdrive. It’s a triumphant track from the Norwegian DJ and Goulding’s golden vocals are gorgeously effective.

Kygo Goulding



Oh Wonder – “My Friends”

The latest track to be released from duo Oh Wonder’s forthcoming album, My Friends, is a darker piano driven ballad. The track was written as a dedication to the people the duo have had to leave behind when they tour, but its fragility and vulnerability add a startlingly beautiful tone to the track. Lyrics “All my friends / I am ready / Can I beat without your heart? / Can I bleed within your love?” call out to the duo’s loved ones. The track is unlike most that Oh Wonder have produced so far and is perhaps the most honest and wonderful piece of music we’ve heard from them. Harmonies, piano and strings come together beautifully towards the end and now our focus is turned to their upcoming second album.

Oh Wonder


Luke Sital-Singh – “Oh My God”

Singer songwriter Luke Sital-Singh has released a steady steam of singles over the last few months but track Oh My God might be his best yet. Whilst known for the fragility that he brings to his music, the new track sees the artist experiment with a bigger musical sound whilst retaining his emotive vocals to create an end product similar to works by Ben Howard. Oh My God sees the singer tackling the difficulty of relationships and commenting on the constant battles that they bring. Raw vocals shine across the piano and guitar based track which is a wonderful promotion ahead of the release of his upcoming album.

Luke Sital Singh


PJ Harvey – “I’ll Be Waiting”

This week sees a surprise return for iconic alternative artist PJ Harvey with not one but two tracks. I’ll Be Waiting, the latter of the two new releases, is a return by Harvey to the sparse, elegance of the Mercury Prize winning Let England Shake. With just acoustic guitar looped across the track, Harvey tackles war and the effects it has on the family and friends of those fighting. Opening lines “They swept across the land / They did not leave a thing” show the destruction that war brings whilst lines “I remember him / Every minute I remember / I remember/ Now I hate everyone / Now I hate everyone / Before, I used to love” signals the death of someone close to the singer. The track is raw and intimate and lines “And when they return / I will be waiting / I will not leave a person” send a message of defiance and revenge, a feeling that has led to further world issues after various war’s. It can be construed as a subtle political message from Harvey but for us, the stripped back nature of the track is enough for us to admire.

PJ Harvey.jpg


Fall Out Boy – “Young and Menace”

The lead single from Fall Out Boy’s seventh album Mania, Young and Menace is perhaps the craziest track the band have ever made. Lines “Woke up on the wrong side of reality / And there’s a madness that’s just coursing right through me” narrate life as an outsider, a life which the band have found themselves in during their sixteen years together. Both lyrically and musically, the track carries a chaotic twist on life and hints towards Pete Wentz’s experience with bipolar. Young and Menace carries the same carnal rock swagger of many Fall Out Boy tracks but distorts it to such a proportion it’s as if the band have transformed listeners to a new age built around huge effects, distortions and synths. The drop carries distinct flavours of art rock titan Grimes at one end but also sees the band embrace dubstep. The eclectic mix of genres and styles creates a recipe of madness, but one that is so mad that it demands praise.

Fall Out Boy 2017


Tom Walker – “Blessings”

Scottish born singer songwriter Tom Walker has been slowly making a name for himself over the past year. Latest track Blessings sees steady, stripped back guitar under raw and honest vocals. Lyrically the track praises everyday life and the activities we all choose and enjoy which give the song a sense of honesty. It’s the best track the singer songwriter has released and we can’t wait to here more of the same in the future.

Tom Walker


The Sherlocks – “Chasing Shadows”

Rising Sheffield indie rockers The Sherlocks have been rising quickly over the last year or so, with many comparing their indie swagger to the likes of The Courteeners and The Pigeon Detectives. Chasing Shadows is a joyous, bouncing indie rock track which sees singer Kiaran Crook facing the dilemma of a relationship that he’s unsure about due to his mistrust in his partner. The release sees the band honing their sound to a more refined, catchy product that highlights why they are one of the most promising bands in the country.



A Blaze Of Feather – “Carousel”

One of the biggest mysteries for years in music was finally revealed this week. A Blaze Of Feather appeared high on the line ups at Latitude, Boardmasters and Citadel festivals despite having released no music but finally is has been revealed that the band are the project of artist and songwriter Mickey Smith and Ben Howard alongside four other musicians who have been on tour with Ben Howard over the duration of Howard’s two albums. Carousel is everything you might expect from a Ben Howard track with the additional boost of a band. Its atmospheric nature swirls and intices before Howard’s vocals come in, full of pain and hurt. Lyrics “Sorry is a word I fail to say / Struggle with the hurt, the weight, the pain match the serene sound the band produce. Slowly and steadily, lush acoustic guitar and drums build in to create a perfect, natural track. It’s wonderful to finally have Ben Howard back and with the addition of five brilliant musicians, we await in anticipation for what is next to come.

A Blaze of Feather


Haim – “Right Now”

US indie rock trio finally returned this week for the first time since 2013 with track Right Now, the first track from the band’s upcoming second album Something to Tell You. The Haim sisters use a shuffling drum beat and piano line to steadily layer and build the track whilst electric guitar urgently interrupts throughout the song. Lyrics “Gave you my love, you gave me nothing / Said what I gave wasn’t enough”  signal a relationship that isn’t enough whilst the band’s signature drum section spirals the track in a more purposeful direction. It’s a glorious return from the enigmatic sisters and we can’t wait for more music to be released soon.

Haim NMF


The Japanese House – “Saw You in a Dream”

Amber Rain aka The Japanese House is one of the biggest upcoming artists in the world and this week sees her release the first track from her upcoming fourth EP. Saw You in a Dream is a return to the artist’s dreamy melodic sound with lines “I saw you in a dream / You came to me / You were the sweetest apparition / Such a pretty vision” detailing a vision that the singer had about a childhood friend who died in real life but came back in her dream. The tone of the track retains an odd sense of warmth whilst the stripped back nature of the song is relaxing throughout.

Japanese House.jpg


Phoenix – “J-Boy”

It’s been four years since French indie rock band Phoenix released their last album. Finally this week we are treated with the first bit of new material. J-Boy, meaning Just Because of You, is a funky electronic track that sees the band letting loose in full seductive means. Thomas Mars’ smooth vocals tell a modern love story which pairs beautifully with the track which oozes style and seduction throughout.



Imagine Dragons – “Thunder”

Thunder is the second track from Imagine Dragons’ upcoming third album. The track sees the Las Vegas rock group moving towards a poppier sound in comparison to the previously released Believer. With a focus on more electronic production, the group match their electronic pop synths and distorted backing vocals with uplifting African styled drums beating at regular intervals to inject a different tone to the track. Similar to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, Thunder details the battle to not confirm with society’s standards and expectations and line “Not a yes sir, not a follower” show the desire and importance to find a way to follow your own dream’s and beliefs. It’s an easy listen for all and should therefore prove an instant success for the band.

Imagine Dragons NMF


Childhood – “Californian Light”

Psychedelic indie rockers Childhood return with the first track from upcoming album Universal High. The track sees the band layering oozing, relaxed synths across a soulful, funky guitar and vocal line. The soprano backing vocals add a touch of soul to the track which flows, in its mellow grove, like a carefree Sunday. Ironically, the track has nothing to do with California and instead is a love song to London, whilst also recalling past relationships for the band. It’s a track that needs to be listened to a plentitude of times before you truly appreciate the quality of the band’s songwriting.



Sean Paul Feat. Migos – “Body”

Legendary Jamaican dancehall rapper Sean Paul returns this week with a new track, featuring Atlanta stars Migos. Body is a dedication to the figure of the artists’ partners but more importantly it carries strength from Sean Paul that we haven’t seen in a while. The Jamaican rapper sounds more powerful and direct than ever which carries into the groove of the track in wonderful style. Migos’ verses highlight the talent and confidence of the group, undoubtedly due to their huge rise in fame over the last year. Despite its repetitive hedonism, the track carries an infectious underlying tone that’s full of humorous one liners and we hope to see more of the same from Sean Paul in the future.

Sean Paul


Jasmine Thompson – “Old Friends”

Teenage singer songwriter Jasmine Thompson shot to fame on YouTube with a variety of covers gaining huge recognition. This week sees the singer release track Old Friends, an emotional pop ballad that yearns for the return of past friends. Lines “I miss the good times we had / Now I don’t know who’s got my back” hint at darker times and paranoia. It’s the most honest, raw and vulnerable track from the singer and highlights Thompson’s ability as a lyricist.

Jasmine Thompson.jpg


Foster The People – “Pay The Man”

The LA indie pop band returned with three new tracks this week, the standout of which, Pay The Man, is an uplifting message of defiance and strength. Lyrics “Say what you love, it’s alright / Don’t be afraid to find the light” suggest the need to to overcome personal troubles in order to lead a better life whilst “The deaf man heard what the mute man said / Then they all followed where the blind man led” shows the nativity that people display when they have no true ability in what they are saying. Some of the lyrics could be construed to be subtle shots fired at President Trump but it’s the catchy, uplifting summer chorus that stands out the most from the band that we are very happy to have back.

Foster The People


Cashmere Cat Feat. Ariana Grande – “Quit”

Quit is the third collaboration from Norwegian DJ Cashmere Cat and US pop star Ariana Grande. The track sees Grande under the spell of the man she loves despite knowing the relationship is bad for her. Lyrics “I can’t quit you / Yeah, I’m going to regret it” show the longing Grande has and the incapability to walk away. it’s the perfect balance of dance and pop and gives enough space to allow Ariana’s vocals to come to the fore and shine. The drop is perfectly executed in it’s subtle and layered production and overall the track comes together in exquisite form.

Ariana Grande and Cashmere Cat


Estrons – “Strobe Lights

Cardiff rock four piece Estrons have been one of the brightest upcoming bands in the UK over the last few years with their distinctive style of rock carrying enough bite whilst not being too heavy to be off-putting. Strobe Lights sees the band at their most ruthless, smashing their way through the track with wonderful ferocity. Line “Make me lose my mind” cascades across the repetitive guitar riff. The sound sees the band shifting towards punk but keeping enough juvenile energy to seem fresh.



Katy Perry Feat. Migos – “Bon Appétit”

Global pop star Katy Perry returns with the second track from her upcoming album, with track Bon Appetit becoming one of the singer’s most seductive to date. With the help of rising hip hop group Migos, it seems as if Perry has set herself a challenge for the most food related sexual puns. Lines “Looks like you’ve been starving / You’ve got those hungry eyes” entices whilst line “Got me spread like a buffet” doesn’t take a lot of mental imagination to understand what’s on the singer’s mind. Migos’ verses flow in perfect style and the track musically lays the seductive blanket for Perry’s sexually charged track.

Katy Perry


X Ambassadors – “Torches”

New York rock band X Ambassadors have somehow remained elusive over the last year, despite their growing popularity. This week sees the band release new track Torches, a gospel infused message of strength. Lines “Bring on your forces of nature / Bring on the storm that’s raging” carry a sense of defiance. Throughout the track there are references to a more wild lifestyle and way of survival and the band manage to conjure another hard hitting pop rock track with a radio friendly chorus that could see the band shoot further into the mainstream.

X Ambasadors


Melis – “Love Song (Idea)”

Half of Brighton based duo IYES, Melis Soyaslanova has decided to give a solo career a try with debut solo track Love Song, an intimate and emotional dialogue between two people. The singer’s delicate vocals and stripped back guitar and synths provide a sense of isolation and fragility that matches with the flaws and frustrations that occur during relationships. Line “I know I’m wrong / When I say I never loved you” is a frank reflection of the singer’s true feelings and as a whole, the track is a stunningly honest portrayal and highlights the potential of Melis as a solo artist.



The Vamps & Martin Jensen – “Middle Of The Night”

British pop group The Vamps first shot to fame with sugar coated teen pop that won them millions of fans across the globe. This week however sees the group take a new, matured direction with the help of Danish producer Martin Jensen. Sounding similar to Justin Bieber’s musical divergence, Middle of the Night is a longing track aimed at winning back a lover after letting them down. The track climaxes with a huge chorus that is irresistible to dance to. It’s an interesting new move from the group and we will be looking out for what is next to come.

The Vamps


AJR Feat. Louisa Johnson – “Weak (Stay Strong Mix)”

New York indie pop trio AJR see there track remixed by Stay Strong with the addition of X Factor Winner Louisa Johnson’s additional vocals. The track is an uplifting dance track that tells of the struggle to resist temptation Lines “No thank you is how it should have gone / I should stay strong” show the split between strength and weakness both mentally and physically. Johnson’s vocals add a raw and fresh element to the track which continues to rise from the start to the end. With the addition of effects and synths, the drop provides the ultimate joy for all pop and dance fans, sending all into uncontrollable ecstasy.

AJR Louisa


Other Noticeable Tracks

Frank Ocean – “Lens”: Heavily autotuned new track from the R&B kingpin makes comparison to Kanye West’s Heartless in its intimate, electronic piano shuffle but it’s the string section that enters halfway through that leads the track to a grander proportion.

Lady Leshurr – “Mode”: Grime’s leading lady delivers a fierce new track which displays her confidence and skill as artist at the expense of her rivals.

Afrojack Feat. David Guetta – “Another Life”: Smooth melodies and a huge drop are two of the many great parts to the new collaboration between the Dutch and French heavyweight DJ’s. With the help of Ester Dean’s stunning vocals, the track is a radio friendly dance giant.

INHEAVEN – “Vultures”: Gnarling guitar riff dominates the straightforward rock track from one of the UK’s brightest bands. Thundering drums propel the track along whilst rasping vocals lead to a delightfully catchy chorus.

ODESZA – “Late Night”: The latest track from the Seattle duo is an atmospherical summer instrumental that carries enough pleasantly warm vibes to soundtrack your summer. The scenic, spaced out effects that shimmer and flitter across the track match the natural instrumentation of the track.

Drones Club – “This House”: A deep house groove provides the base for an addictive dance track by upcoming collective Drones Club which sees them rise to the likes of Formation and Jungle.

Two Another – “Aiming Up”: Smooth 90’s R&B electronic track from upcoming London duo Two Another which tackles the duo’s ambitions ahead of the release of their EP later this summer.

Portugal. The Man Feat. Richie Havens and Son Little – “Number One”: The latest release from the Alaskan five piece takes uplifting synths and electronic and pieces together a swaggering chorus dominated by large drums.

Sivu – “Lonesome”: Beautifully composed track from solo artist Sivu that pieces together strings, synths, piano and guitar whilst touching on the personal battle to keep control of your mind.

Caro – “Closet Lunatic”: Latest track form one of the biggest rising bands is a wonderfully chaotic track that stalks and struts slowly like a slightly more upbeat alt-j track before a swaggering chorus and guitar solo comes in.

Steve Aoki Feat. DVBBS and 2 Chainz – “Without U”: Superstars of dance, EDM and hip hop unite for huge new track which is irresistible to dance to. The collaboration doesn’t hold back from start to end and the mix of genres are sure to help it be a hit.

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