The Music Radar UK’s Tracks of the Week

After a brilliant first quarter to the year, April has had a lot to live up to and it’s safe to say that this week’s selection of new music has certainly done that and with more huge artists set to return soon, this year is only going to get better. Here are our track’s of the week with in depth review.

Track of the Week: MØ – “Nights With You”

Danish alternative pop star MØ has been one of the most hotly anticipated artists of the last few years following her smash hit Final Song plus cameo appearances on Major Lazer’s Lean On and Cold Water. This week sees the singer teasing the release of her second album with the release of new track Nights With You, a celebratory anthem that looks set to launch the artist into superstardom. It’s an unconventional love song that ditches the romantic side to love for a celebration and serenading of one’s true friends. Lines “I’ll take you out tonight / Throw away your phone / Don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone” see the singer only caring about her friend whilst MØ’s raw vocals add to the sultry, anthemic track. It’s by far one of the best pop track’s of 2017 and we can’t wait to here more from the singer.



Luis Fonsi Feat. Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber – “Despecito (Remix)”

Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee released the wonderful Latin track Despecito (meaning slowly) earlier this year but this week sees world pop star Justin Bieber remixing the track to create one of the best Latin crossover tracks in years. Bieber’s lyrics “You are my sunrise on the darkest day” serenade amongst Spanish guitar and Latin rhythms. Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s verses flow in gorgeous Spanish with lyrics that are both seductive yet romantic, celebrating the intimacy of a relationship. There is no denying the addictiveness of the groove that runs perfectly throughout the track and Bieber’s vocals ooze style and seduction. With summer coming just around the corner, the track looks set to take the world by storm.

Luis Fonsi


Lady Gaga – “The Cure”

Following the release of album Joanne last year, Lady Gaga made a surprise return with new track The Cure being released during her Coachella headline set. The track sees the US star taking a shift back towards the stratospheric pop that launched her career and away from the country tinged Joanne. With simple digital clicks and synths amongst a restricted guitar riff, lines “May not have the face things / But I’ll give you everything you could ever want” highlight unconditional love whilst the heavy synth chorus highlights Gaga’s ability as a pop superstar. It’s a wonderfully feel-good track that takes everything we love about Gaga and we are happy to have more from her in the future.

Lady Gaga


The Pale White – “Turn It Around”

One of the most promising upcoming bands, Newcastle three piece The Pale White smashed their way onto our radar with track Reaction and new release Turn It Around sees the band honing their sound to a more polished, primal rock product. Taking the twists and turns of a relationship spiralling out of control, the band’s Black Keys styled riff pairs perfectly with their beating swagger that’s so reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood. With it’s infectious, bouncing drums, the three piece have conjured an anthem that looks set to ignite a crowd anywhere in the world.

The Pale White


London Grammar – “Oh Woman Oh Man”

This week sees another release from alternative trio London Grammar’s second album, with track Oh Woman Oh Man becoming the fourth release to date. The track takes the Hannah Reid’s iconically startling vocals and layers them upon a bed of slinking rhythm. Starting with delicat, spacious piano, lines “I can see that you’re giving up / It should not mean that much to me” sets the scene of a relationship that is destined to end. The track sees the group take influence from The xx’s subtle shift in direction with an underlying addictive, almost dance styled groove within the chorus. Lines “There is nothing else I can do / But steal the moon / And nothing made you want me better” shows the relationship twisting into unwanted and different directions and overall it’s another beautiful track from the trio.

London Grammar


Panama – “Hope For Something”

Australian indie pop band Panama are a band that you need to keep on your radar. Their blend of warm and rising electro pop is utterly enjoyable to listen to and latest track Hope For Something epitomises their sound. Upbeat electronic synths and beats dance wildly across the track which sees singer Jarrah McCleary trying to find the positives in life despite suffering from depression and anxiety. Lines “This year I’m gonna turn it all around again / No shutting out friends” is inspiring at the very least and the final product is something beautiful and uplifting.

Panama Band


Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd – “Lust for Life”

Lana Del Rey released the second and title track from her upcoming album this week. Lust for Life sees the singer duetting with Canadian superstar The Weeknd on the romantic yet seductive track in which both artists lean towards a lust in their romantic lives as well as in the everyday enjoyment of their lives. The track has the artists entwined in each other, which is no surprise given their iconic fame for romantic portrayal. The Weeknd’s lines roll off the tongue with the same ooze and charm as many of his most recent tracks and line “We’re the captains of our own souls” is inspirational whilst Del Rey’s lines shine with her unique sense of vulnerability and innocence. Chorus build up “Take off, take off / Take off all your clothes” is slow and sultry and the together the pair harmonise beautifully in the enrapturing track.

Lana Del Rey The Weeknd


Kasabian – “Are You Looking For Action?”

Leicester rock giants Kasabian released their third track from the upcoming album For Crying Out Loud which is to be released next week. Are You Looking For Action? is a shuffling, disco rock track that takes elements of the band throughout their history. The track’s guitar groove and shuffling beat is reminiscent of their debut album whilst the expansive, instrumental second half is gloriously refreshing, combining saxophone and psychedelia to create an eight minute track that proves just why Kasabian are one of the most important bands in the world.

Kasabian NMF


Ásgeir – “Afterglow”

Icelandic singer songwriter Ásgeir returned this week with Afterglow, another reminder of what can be expected on the artist’s upcoming album of the same title. Dominated by a twinkling, dancing piano line, the track takes natural and raw vocals and mixes it with stripped back, experimental electronic effects to create a Bon iver sounding masterpiece. Chorus lines “River of light / I know the afterglow makes it alright” captures the environmental rawness of the singer, whose beautiful falsetto, alongside the track’s rhythmic drumming, is reminiscent of Sigur Ros. It’s yet another incredible track from the singer songwriter, who continuously seems to be establishing himself as one of the biggest Scandanavian artists in the world.



Paramore – “Hard Times”

The Hayley Williams fronted pop punk band Paramore made a long awaited return this week with the arrival of new song Hard Times, a surprisingly infectious and poppy track which sparks a change in direction for the three piece. A Nile Rogers styled guitar riff jingles across the track which in its youthful joy tackles the constant mental battle to remain positive. Opening lines “All that I want / Is to wake up fine / Tell me that I’m alright / that I’m not gonna die” show Williams tackling the depression that’s been so highly documented across Paramore’s career. Whilst a fun track to listen to, it carries an incredibly personal and important message for the band which adds to the tracks quality.

Stonefield - Potrait


Other Noticeable Tracks

Ardyn- “Together”: Alternative folk duo Ardyn take a bold change of direction on new track Toether which sees them embrace electronic synths and rising pop choruses whilst keeping their iconic piano melodies and folk tinged harmonies.

Rex Orange County – “Untitled”: Simple guitar and vocal track from the upcoming Hampshire singer songwriter which sees the artist digging deep and reflecting upon a relationship and highlights an artist whose personal and emotional songwriting skills are something to admire.

Talos – “Runaway”: Innocent and fragile raw vocals startle on this new track from Irish singer songwriter Talos which end on a beautifully natural climax.

Highasakite – “5 Million Miles”: Norwegian indie pop band Highasakite combine electronic and synth oriented pop for a wonderful, feel good track.

Hurts – “Beautiful Hurts”: Manchester duo Hurts return with an infectious, pop synth anthem that mixes huge vocals, European synths and a huge classic rock guitar solo on a track that celebrates the best of life and humanity.

Lucy Rose – “Is This Called Home”: Beautifully calming return from the Warwickshire singer songwriter which later adds on dancing strings and jazz inspired drums.

Bleachers – “Hate That You Know Me”: Jack Antonoff’s rising project reaches a new high with the funky, climatic new track Hate That You Know Me which celebrates the frustration of being completely in love and also features Cary Rae Jepson in the chorus.

Stevie Parker – “Prey”: Subtle synths underpin the slow rising pop track from rising star Stevie Parker, which later cascades into atmospheric bliss.


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