Album Review: The Big Moon – Love in the 4th Dimension

An album of sprawling, modern indie rock built for the new generation.

TBM Album

London four piece The Big Moon have been one of the underestimated indie rock bands in the last year. With lead singer Juliette Jackson as commander in chief, the band combine wonderful garage rock with the attitude and spark of Arctic Monkeys in the delivery of their tracks both musically and lyrically. Debut album Love in the 4th Dimension shows a band in full control whilst leaving themselves emotionally vulnerable at the same time.

The band have honed their musical direction to present day life, with the album being a fulfilling insight into the emotional rollercoaster of love, sex and relationships. The lure of Cupid is one of the best pieces of storytelling that a band has managed to achieve in a while, detailing the psychological build up and attempt to hook up with someone before eventually backing out again, whilst set to sprawling and majestic rock with lush backing vocals. Sucker snarls with intent with line “I’m with you for life” showing the permanent and inevitable foreverness of a relationship. Fern Ford’s intelligent drums and Soph Nathan’s thrashing guitar line gives the song the stunning climax the track deserves.

TBM Review

Whilst Pull The Other One and Silent Movie Susie whip up a delightful frenzy, it’s track Bonfire that really ignites the album. With lines “Let’s start a bonfire / To make the time fly”, you can imagine the chaos that follows throughout the track. Its Paramore styled punk vibe is imbedded throughout and the playful instrumental just adds a more carnal slice of fun.

However, to think that The Big Moon are just another attempt at thrilling garage rock would be an insult to the quality of their music. There is a much more intimate side to the album and the band as a whole, with tracks like Zeds highlighting a more intimate and delicate side to the band. Stripped back, the track sees lovesick-induced-insomnia running through Jackson. The Road sees the singer holding her own, with Alex Turner style crooning whilst Formidable is a full on message of strength and defiance. Opening line “Love you’ve got an island to sink” is Jackson’s delicately simple message to any doubters whilst the companionship and togetherness of the track prove that the band are both formidable in reality as well as on paper.

It’s one of music’s real losses that there aren’t enough all female band’s in the industry at the moment with the exception of Haim and Hinds, but this album gives off enough quality that it could inspire a new generation. Their sound takes a multitude of elements and thrusts them into one beautifully refined debut album. With a sound that looks set to win many hearts of the current generation plus lyrics that all can resonate to, The Big Moon look set for big things this year following this triumphant release.


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