New Music Review: Tracks of the Week 10/02/17

The second week of February has given us a variety of music across all genres. Here are our tracks of the week alongside in depth reviews:


Track of the Week: The Magic Gang – “How Can I Compete?”

The Brighton indie four piece are one of the most hyped about bands in the country right now and How Can I Compete?, the first release since their second EP last year, shows exactly what all the hype is about. We’ve seen the band perform a few times over the last two years but this wonderful indie rock song is the finest track they’ve produced so far. With the help of Maccabees member Felix White, the track is a retro, almost Kooks sounding song with a chorus as catchy as they come. With its polished 1960’s sound, the track is a sure contender for breakthrough track of the year already.

The Magic Gang NMF.jpg


Katy Perry – “Chained To The Rhythm”

The US pop star returns with her first track since 2013. Chained To The Rhythm is a funky lead single touching on politics but more importantly showing everyone just how they can enjoy themselves after everything that has happened in the last few months. Line “Are we tone deaf? / Keep sweeping it under the mat / Thought we could do better than that” could be seen as a direct response to President Trump being elected. The track has a Daft Punk type groove running through it and a guest verse from Skip Marley, grandson of Bob, sees a message of unity running through the song. An infectious return from one of the biggest pop stars in the world.



Vistas – “Feel Alive”

Prepare yourselves for the next Scottish sensations as rock band Vistas release track Feel Alive, a track which propels them into the spotlight previously filled by Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic. The track incorporates a big riff, huge drums and a catchy, repetitive chorus which glistens with it’s Scottish tone. It’s a glorious track from a band who deserve to be known right now.



Avelino Feat. Stormzy and Skepta – “Energy”

Energy is a huge sounding grime track which with guest slots from the genres kings, promises to be a hit around the world. The track itself is essential a rave track, destined to be played live, calling on the crowds to be more active. With Avelino providing humorous wordplay “She wants a fella with felonies” alongside Skepta’s promotional verse, the track is a perfect example of something that could erupt worldwide. Skepta touches on the rise of grime with line “Worldwide, yeah, we put the streets on the map” and it’ll be interesting to see if this is the track to finally break grime into America.



The Night Cafe – “Strange Clothes”

The up and coming Liverpool indie band are currently supporting the brilliant Sundara Karma at the moment and this week we were treated to new release Strange Clothes. A wonderful, jangly indie pop record with off beat guitar, warming vocals and it’s slightly distorted drums towards the end. The track shows The Night Cafe as a band who need to be heard right now as they look to have a huge 2017.



Prides – “Away With The Night”

The Glaswegian alt pop band return with a stunning new track, Away With The Night, which layers huge synths and big vocals. The band say that lyrically the track is a response to someone else’s version of events over a specific issue. The track soars in it’s synth dominated chorus, but comes down towards the end for a calm piano and handclap moment. It is a glorious alternative pop track and gives us a lot to look forward to this year for the band.



Sia – “Helium”

One of the most authentic artists and voices in the music industry, Sia releases her track for the latest Fifty Shades of Grey film. Her voice is clear and booming throughout the track, which has subtle orchestral moments and harmonies. The track portrays empowerment but the need for help to allow the ability to reach full potential.



Milky Chance – “Ego”

The duo return with their third release ahead of new album Blossom. Ego is a calm, guitar led groove about the distance between two lovers. Throughout the track, we are reminded that love has to stay strong mentally if distance is a barrier. Altogether, the track is slowly infectious with it’s funky guitar line and has given us a glimpse of what could be one of the albums of the year.


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